Welcome to my website.  Here I aim to show you what I do and introduce you to some of the techniques that I use to help my clients achieve a state of optimum health and wellbeing.

This is Lynda in a doorway. She is relaxed and smiling and ready to welcome you to your consultation.My deeply held conviction is that our bodies are intelligent organisms that want to be in a state of balance and flow.  Under these conditions we all have an amazing ability to restore our equilibrium and heal ourselves.  I have a passion for helping people to change their lives and to achieve this healthy state of being.

I have been in practice as a healer and counsellor and couples counsellor for over 30 years using a variety of techniques including homeopathy, meditation and nutrition.

Physical and emotional support

Over many years I have helped hundreds of clients of all ages and life stages, supporting them through many different situations ranging from the purely physical to the more complex and emotional.

Moving on

I have achieved a lot of success with clients who have become “stuck”, needing to make changes but not able to do so. With my support we unravel the issues and deal with their situations in a different and more positive way.

Some clients only need to visit once to receive the help they need, and some need support for longer to get back to a place where they are feeling well.  Many return as the stresses of life create different challenges or illnesses resurface.  Others come back periodically when they feel the need.

Restoring equilibrium and balance

From our very earliest experiences we learn to cope and survive and our natural flow is often interrupted. This can cause physical and emotional symptoms of illness and disorder.

I can provide a supportive base for you to explore anything that is holding you back so you can move forward into the life that you want to be living.


Please read more about how I can help you through homeopathycounselling  and couples counselling.

Contact me

It might hard to take the first step…and I am here to support you.

So why not call me on 07899 928 089 or email me to see if I can help you.