About Lynda Mutch

Discovering my direction

I have always had a curious mind and from a young age was fascinated by the dynamic relationship between body and mind.  This fascination led to lots of adventures whilst trying to uncover some of the secrets of the world and the many different types of people within it.

As experience shaped the direction of my life I decided to study the things that helped me so that I could share them to the benefit of others. These included homeopathy, counselling, healing, yoga therapy, meditation and breathing techniques.

Opening my eyes

This is a picture of Lynda sitting in a meditation position on a clifftop in India soaking in the wonderful view of beach and sea

Meditating on a beach in India

I travelled off to many different corners of the world studying healing techniques and learning meditation practices. India really opened my eyes and I took the opportunity to study YogaTherapy and Chavutti Thirumal (an Indian ayurvedic massage technique used on Kathakali dancers and Kalaripayattu warriors) and various meditation techniques. These experiences laid a firm foundation for my ongoing spiritual practice.

It was here that I met an inspirational Indian doctor who was working with the poor and having amazing results with homeopathy I began to study with him and my lifelong commitment to homeopathy was born.

Formal Studies

Upon my return I enrolled with the London College of Homeopathy to pursue my studies for a further four years and qualified in 1994.  I continued my therapy practice including the newly studied Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic massage. Since then I have worked consistently with clients adding to my skill base whenever possible.

I have continued my studies wherever possible and have undertaken further extensive training in working with couples.

I believe in continuing personal growth and have ongoing professional supervision.

The natural wonder and power of human beings has always been my inspiration and I strive to use my knowledge and skill to move people through their blocks and limitations in order to help them achieve peace and satisfaction with their lives.

Current Practice

I lived and worked in London for many years but nowadays live in the country near Bath sharing my time between Bath and London, seeing clients wherever is most convenient for them. I love the country lifestyle which I share with my husband our fantastic dog.

This is a picture of Lynda and Bryan and their dog in their garden

Sharing a moment with my husband Bryan Melville (an acupuncturist) and our dog

My husband Bryan Melville is an acupuncturist in Bath.

We have worked together with a number of clients including those struggling with fertility and hormonal difficulties. Our clients enjoy the benefits of a male/female perspective and the different approaches that our separate, yet complementary disciplines provide.  

Contact me

If you’d like to know more about how I could help you please contact me on 07899 928 089.