Counselling in Bath

I have extensive experience of working with individuals and couples for over thirty years, helping people to identify and work through their issues so they can find a way forward.

Changing your attitude

This is a picture of Lynda sitting in consultation with a client. You see the back of a clients head.By examining your life and looking at how you feel, we can explore what works for you and what doesn’t.

There will always be situations in life that you can’t change but within the confines of that you can find ways to change the way you relate to difficult challenges and to improve the situation you find yourself in.

Facing the issues

My approach is warm and challenging and firm enough to ensure that difficult and sometimes painful issues are not avoided but skilfully dealt with. This allows you to find a place within of acceptance and change, leading to personal growth and peace.

Your pace

Everybody is different and I will work with you at your own pace, helping your bodymind  to shift and change, creating a new flow of energy.

Emotional and physical links

Physical illness and blocks are frequently interlinked with emotional pain so we may find that we are working with them at the same time. I strongly believe that the use of suitable homeopathy is a powerful supporting treatment that helps to achieve quicker, long term results.

Contact me

If you feel I could help please contact me on 07899 928 089 07899 928 089 or email me