Couples Counselling in Bath

Lynda Mutch Couples CounsellingI have been working as a Couples Counsellor for 30 years and I am very passionate about the value and importance of working on a relationship. During that time I have worked with heterosexual and same sex couples and cross cultural relationships.

A relationship is a constantly changing dynamic and needs care and attention from both of you. Issues can occur at any time in your relationship and it is important to address them and avoid stuck patterns.

I encourage communication and honesty as a necessity to confront the issues facing you as a couple and to help you move through those challenges. 

Third Party Support

The demand placed on two individuals to be in relationship requires the ability to see and understand the other as well as yourself.  Sometimes it helps to have a third party to hold the centre ground and support your relationship while you, as a couple, explore the issues that arise. 

Working with the effects of change in your life

I am experienced in supporting couples through problems with intimacy, sexual difficulties and traumatic events such as affairs. Life changing times can have huge effects on your relationship such as children arriving in your life or leaving home, infertility, bereavement or financial problems. Through all the challenges of life we adjust and change according to our learnt life patterns. I will work with you as a couple to help you to understand the effects that situations have had on your relationship and support you through that journey.

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For information or if you have questions, please contact me on 07899 928 089 or email me