Nicky – “Significant effect”

“During and after two significant losses in my life and a potential serious health issue Lynda’s treatment proved to have a significant effect on my well being.

With her help I continue to regain my zest for life whilst laying strong foundations and habits to ensure I continue on this positive journey. I would absolutely recommend Lynda.”

Alison – “A huge support”

“I have been seeing Lynda for many years for a variety of reasons, both emotional and physical.  She has been a huge support to me through listening, talking and remedies.

Lynda has the skill of asking the right questions at the right time and developing an understanding quickly.  I would definitely recommend Lynda.”

Andrea – “Stabilising my mood and lifting my spirits”

“Lynda’s treatment was immediately helpful in stabilising my mood and lifting my spirits during a difficult time of grief and betrayal.  Lynda continued to work with me over months and I feel better than I have for a long time.  I am more relaxed, sleeping better and more confident and optimistic.”

Maggie – “Listens and is not judgemental”

“I have always found the treatment to be helpful. The treatment is based on a holistic approach, which is based on a lengthy conversation.

I feel that Lynda listens to what I am saying, she is not judgemental.  The whole process is useful and I have been helped enormously over a period of time.

The talking process is helpful in the consultation and the remedy has always helped as well.

I would be very happy to recommend her.”

Carla – “She is amazing!”

“Lynda has helped me through dark times emotionally and physically with her homeopathy.

Lynda supported me through my whole pregnancy.  She helped me to keep calm when my worries and fears surfaced.  Finally my healthy baby boy was born to term.

I believe the homeopathy has helped him to be such a happy and calm baby.

The remedies I took during and after birth to heal myself proved truly MAGICAL!”

I still see Lynda for all our concerns and will continue to do so- the next challenge is teething and weaning!  Lovely Lynda is definitely now very much part of our life.  She is amazing!

I would not hesitate to recommend Lynda to anyone!”

Sarah – “I am equipped to tackle any challenge”

“I have found Lynda’s treatments to be extremely beneficial.  Having been a client of Lynda’s since 1991, I can relay that my life and my health have changed since that time considerably.  Not only am I a fit and positive fifty year old woman but I am equipped to tackle any challenge, both emotional and physical that arises in my life.”