Your consultation

First consultation

The first consultation lasts 1.5 hours. We spend time investigating what has led you to seek my help and what it is you want to achieve. This information will help to decide what kind of treatment will best suit you and together we’ll agree how to proceed.

Your choice

Lynda Mutch in her gardenYou can choose a multi-disciplined approach combining counselling and homeopathy, utilising other techniques that are appropriate to your situation. Some people come to me just for homeopathy whilst others come purely for counselling. Depending on your situation, I might advise couple counselling. I am here to guide and support your decision. Subsequent sessions will last for an hour.

Amount of sessions

Those who have a physical issue to address may find that one or two sessions resolve the problem.

Babies and young children are usually very responsive and rebalance quickly.

More complex issues and deep seated life problems can take longer to resolve.

A supportive professional environment with a combination of techniques

It’s clear that the stresses and traumas of life are felt emotionally but they can also impact upon the body and spirit. A supportive professional environment and a combination of homeopathic remedies alongside other techniques such as counselling, healing, EFT and breathing techniques can speed up the journey back to the desired state of health and happiness.

I believe in a holistic approach and will always listen carefully to an individual’s account of all their symptoms and look at the situation from all angles to see what is required. This can include nutritional supplements, exercises (both mental and physical), visualisations or simple relaxation techniques.

Any treatment is discussed, agreed and structured for your safety and wellbeing. The aim is always to effect change and result in a more positive and balanced mind and body.

Contact me

It might hard to take the first step…and I am here to support you.

So why not call me on 07899 928 089 or email me to see if I can help you.